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Safer Internet Day 2024 Stats

Safer Internet Day 2024 reached more young people than ever before, with 53% of UK children aged 8-17 hearing about the day, alongside 32% of UK parents and carers according to the UK Safer Internet Centre

Their impact report looks at the reach of Safer Internet Day 2024 and the positive impact that it had on children, young people, parents, carers, and teachers.

The theme of Safer Internet Day 2024 was: Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online. It was so inspiring to see schools and organsiations embrace this theme of change, as can be seen through some of the key statistics of the day:

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Safer Internet Day 2022

Safer Internet Day 2022 is on 8th February 2022 (2nd day of the 2nd week of the 2nd month!)

You can find out more about what goes on and where to find resources at

123ICT are offering pupil, family and staff workshops as normal.

You can book a virtual assembly slot with the team from using the link above!

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Safer Internet Day 2021

Safer Internet Day 2021 is on Tuesday 9th February 2021 – 2nd day, 2nd week, second month!

You can download resources as a parent from HERE

You can download recources as a teacher from HERE

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Parental Guides for Safer Internet Day 2020

The Online Safety Alliance have just released four new guides for parents focussing on:

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • TikTok

These single side of A4 information sheets include sections on what each is, reasons for concern and safety tips all written for parents.

You can download a copy from

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Safer Internet Day 2020


It’s just two months until Safer Internet Day 2020, which will be celebrated on Tuesday 11th February 2020 with a global theme of: ‘Together for a better internet’.

Watch the video below to see what the focus is about this year:

From the safer internet team:

Are you free to be yourself online?
The theme for Safer Internet Day 2020 is…
identity online!

Are people free to be who they are online?
How can avatars help us stay safe online?
Do you think that everyone is fairly represented online?

They’re big questions – and they’re the ones we want to answer on Safer Internet Day 2020.

Focusing on identity online involves considering the information we share online, how others perceive and interact with us, and how online services identify us. It also includes thinking about how offline stereotypes and discrimination are challenged or reinforced online.

We want to inspire young people to support each other to be who they want to be, to celebrate difference, and create a truly inclusive internet.

Find out more for yourself from

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Save the Date: Safer Internet Day 2019, Tuesday 5th February

Each year Safer Internet Day gets bigger and bigger, with 45% of young people hearing about the day in 2018. As the UK Safer Internet Centre, which organises the day, we are very excited about Safer Internet Day (SID)2019 which will take place on Tuesday 5th February 2019, with the global theme of ‘Together for a better internet’.