About 123SAFE

123SAFE from 123ICT is a collection of news, resources and weblinks to help parents and teachers enageg with young people about Online Safety. These resources are the culmination of over 20 years of teaching Online Safety and is continually updated and added to.

Nick Speller leads 123SAFE for 123ICT and has been involved in teaching Online Safety ever since completing Teacher Training in 1999.

Whilst a Primary School Teacher Nick trialled some teaching resources in 2002 for teaching Online Safety.

In 2006 Nick was seconded to join the Curriculum ICT Team in the Education Effectiveness Service of Oxfordshire County Council.  He stayed on and become Primary ICT Advisor for OCC until the team was closed down in 2013.  During this time Nick became a CEOP Ambassador, EPICT Facilitator and 360 Degree Safe Assessor.  Nick trained teachers and assisted many primary schools in completing the 360 Degree Safe Matrix.

Since 2013 Nick has worked for 123ICT where he has continued to lead training running training sessions for more than 80 teachers and classroom assistants.  He has also run workshops for over 4500 pupils and has awareness workshops for over 130 parents.

He is currently developing the content for 123SOW, a scheme of work for Primary Computing.